A note to my readers

First of all, thank you for being a reader. I hope you enjoy and are blessed by what you read. I have something to share with you:

  1. I have three websites in all. I hope some who are signed up for one might be encouraged to sign up for another.
    • My devotional (www.markdupre.com/devotional), which is a daily Christian devotional meant to encourage and challenge. (The book form is called Along the Way, and is available on Amazon. Also available there is my book, The Christian’s Guide to Adulting.
    • “Dedicated to Grammar” (www.dedicatedtogrammar.com), which is a fun weekly release designed to help professionals, students, and those learning the language, speak and write more accurately. It’s also ideal for folks learning English as a second language. But you already know that!
    • Last but not least is my film website (www.film-prof.com). My degrees are in film, and I taught film at a university for 20+ years. I analyze films, new and old, and cover some film-related events.



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